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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Learn To Be A Chef Right From Your Living Room

By Dror Klar

If you love to cook and really love to eat good food, then you need to be watching some of the great cooking shows that come on your television. There are so many cooking and good eating programs that you can learn from if you have cable or satellite channels. Just about any time of the day or night there is some fantastic cooking going on somewhere.

It does not really matter what type of food you like, there is someone that can teach you the essentials that you need to cook it. You can learn about all kinds of food ingredients, things like spices, cheeses, oils, flours, meals, meats, vegetables and more. Then there is the main course that everyone needs to know how to prepare, deserts.

The Food Network channel is all about great food and how to prepare it.. If you want to learn how to cook with a good helping of comedy, then Good Eats, hosted by Alton Brown, is the show for you. He offers lots of great recipes as well as what utensils and cooking apparatus are best to use. He dispels many cooking myths and teaches how to do a lot of things in different ways. He has a great personality and his show can not help but captivate you. It is different than your average how to program. He could be a comedian as well as a great food preparer.

If you love southern cooking, then you must catch Paula Dean. She is defiantly country as cornbread with her cooking as well as her personality. She is simply lovable. There is not be a pretentious bone in her body. She is a down home cook who knows her stuff. She teaches how to make all the southern treats that either already love or some you have heard about and always wanted to try.. She has many cook books and videos that you can purchase. She owns and operates a very popular restaurant in Savannah, Ga. With her sons. It is called The Lady and Sons.

If you like reality type shows, The Iron Chef is very popular and who would have thought that a cook off could be so thrilling. Three master chefs star in this show and they go up against lesser known chefs. There is a secret ingredient that must be used in a variety of dishes. The show is hosted by Alton Brown. The show originally started in Japan and is a sensation over there. Apparently it has become a sensation in America as well.

You can also catch programs that have chefs that we are used to seeing on television everywhere like Rachael Ray, Wolfgang Puck, and Emeril Lagasse.

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